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Friday, July 12, 2013

Parents not Schools to Blame? (Repost, Updated!)

Schools or Parents to Blame?

A recent example of the social decay in our urban communities led to a common debate.

The example of social decay:
Nice. I was just told to buy our kids ear plugs after politely asking a young girl to stop yelling profanities in her phone at the gas station "cause that's the way we talk in Peoria so F--- You!"

My reaction:
Can I get a refund on my public school and social welfare taxes?

The debate:
It's not the schools it's the parents.

My response:
Really? I mean is it really the parents?

Because in my neighborhood, there aren't any parents! We as a society are in the second or third generation of teen mothers and fatherless homes. There are no "parents" to blame.

I think this is a systemic problem rooted in the breakdown of the family and enabled, intentionally or not, by public policy, including public school policies and curriculum.

Increasingly, "Americans have come to see government, rather than family, as the institution through which we primarily help each other." I would add that the Church has has bought this lie too.
(Star Parker, tweet May 9 2011, CURE: Center for Urban Renewal and Education)

The main characteristic of the savior state is that it presents itself as the people's guardian, as the guarantor of the citizen's well-being. The savior state is the paternal state, which not only sees to the security of its territory and the enforcement of its laws but also promises to feed, clothe, house, educate, monitor, medicate, and in general to care for its people...

It is the kind of state that Obama had in mind when, during the presidential campaign, he invited a Christian audience in South Carolina to see him as "an instrument of God" and to help him "create a Kingdom right here on Earth." ...
("The Audacity of the State" by Douglas Farrow, Touchstone magazine, January/February 2010)

If "government" is the new Mom and Dad, providing food, shelter, clothing, and education, then it is a government school problem! (public school is an old term, it is no longer the public running the schools, but the government, therefore the proper name is government school.)

Some proposed solution(s):

Stop enslaving people through government welfare dependence!

Reform all components of social welfare system to make it a temporary hand up instead of a permanent hand out. The Church needs to take back the primary role of charitable giver.

Why are blacks, who know life on the government plantation better than whites, and who are proportionately being hit much harder in this difficult economy, still buying what working class whites have rejected hands down? That, as Karl Rove put it, "…we can spend our way to prosperity?"

The problem is broader and deeper. Blacks still by and large see government dependence as the remedy rather than the disease, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. They still choose to listen to left wing black political leadership and media who have careers in keeping it all going.

Consider that it was welfare state government policies that caused this economic collapse to begin with. And that it was community activist groups claiming to represent the interests of minorities who lobbied for these policies.
("Why do blacks still buy the government plantation lie?" by Star Parker, CURE)

This is the basic leftist delusion: “taking” is the same as “giving.” “Taxing” is the same as “offering.”

But the Bible remains very simple, very clear: thou shalt not steal. This applies to people, corporations, and even to that most monopolistic, violence-based corporation we call the government. Caesar has no inherent right to take what is not his. “Thou shalt not steal” applies to everyone, rich or poor. It does not discriminate based on class, creed, race, sex, gender, party, income, or anything else. That is the Word of God, the standard of Jesus.

And I say, “let God be true yet every man a liar” (Rom. 3:4).
("What Would Jesus Take?" By Joel McDurmon | Published: May 13, 2011 | American Vision)

Stop enabling immoral s-xual behaviors and lifestyles in our public schools!

Tell children the truth. Teach that s-x causes pregnancy, and you shouldn't do it until you are married and ready to start a family because it is the mother and father's responsibility to provide food, shelter, clothing, and education, not the government! Punish boys that father children and never provide nor care for them!

The culture of the traditional family is now in intense competition with a very different culture...

the culture of polyamory has figured out its way to survive and even thrive: by controlling three critical areas of public policy, which yield big gains in "converts" from the culture of monogamy to theirs. These three areas are childhood education, s-x education, and the control of adolescent health programs...

For instance, in the United States, the rise of abstinence education - i.e., monogamy education - over the last decade immediately galvanized the polyamorists into a massive political counter-attack, culminating in their recent success in getting the federal government to eliminate funding for the abstinence programs. This came to pass despite all the good results that abstinence education produced among teenagers, including reductions in abortions, out-of-wedlock births, and s-xually transmitted diseases, and increases in educational attainment...

We must engage. We can wait no longer; we need men of courage and energy. We are looking for the first few.
("Domestic Disturbances" by Patrick F. Fagan, Touchstone magazine, January/February 2010)

Hawthorne [Illinois] Middle School's Disservice to Parents" 6/21/2011 By Laurie Higgins, DSA Director Illinois Family Institute

Promote a moral and ethical family home life.

"Given the exhaustively documented impact of parental marital status on child well-being, concerted efforts are urgently needed to rebuild marriage and restore its relationship to childbearing and childrearing. . . By extending the progress made in creating and identifying resources for healthy marriages and in reducing or eliminating marriage penalties in tax and welfare policy, new initiatives to promote strong families can lead to more stable homes and fewer demands imposed on taxpayers by failed families."
("A Marshall Plan for Marriage: Rebuilding Our Shattered Homes" Published on June 7, 2011 by Chuck Donovan)

And, the Saints must become politically active!

"Christians need to step up and get our values for the preservation of life, for the protection of family, and for personal responsibility rather than political materialism, to define again the fabric of America."
("Why Christians must be politically active" by Star Parker, CURE)

"Moreover, Christians have undertaken no vow to deliver their children over to [the state], to be shaped by the state for its own ends. Rather, they have taken vows to God to see that their children are raised according to the faith."
("The Audacity of the State" by Douglas Farrow, Touchstone magazine, January/February 2010)

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