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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yubelina, my sister, I love you!

God's stirring some serious emotions in my heart today. . .

Last night I had to have a conversation with Luke (5) and Emily (3) after Luke saw a picture of a young Christian girl in Indonesia that is grossly disfigured after Muslims attacked and burned her village. He said "she looks like a bad guy." So that really led to some good but hard conversation about being children of God and about appearances and about persecution, etc... Really touching the reality of this fallen world and the spiritual battle we face.

Tonight we are writing her letters and the kids are drawing pictures. Today I heard a song on WCIC that just had me weeping as I day dreamed about hugging her as a sister.

Any way, feeling a little too comfortable lately. Like maybe I've slipped back into the deceptive nature of the "Matrix" of this world that is so easy to do in America. I'm distracted by comfort, by entertainment, by stuff.

BTW, here is Yubelina:

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