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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Has the missing link been found? [updated: 5-24-09]

. . . Um, NO!

"But does Ida actually support 'the evolution of early primates, and, ultimately, modern human beings,' as one news outlet reported? . . . [No] rather than an apeman-like missing link that some media sources have irresponsibly implied, the real story is quite underwhelming and should in no way faze creationists. . . Given [the] facts, it may seem incredible that anyone would hail this find as a 'missing link.'"
Learn more: Ida: the Missing Link at Last? Does Ida Deserve the Attention? A Preliminary Comment

- Is Great Grandma Ida Getting More Accolades Than She Deserves?
So the big day is finally here. "Ida", a 47-million-year-old primate skeleton from Messel, Germany has finally been unveiled on PLoS One and in a flurry of press releases, book announcements, and general media hubub. Under different circumstances I would be happy to see an exceptional fossil receiving such treatment, but I fear that Ida has become a victim of a sensationalistic media that values audience size over scientific substance.

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