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Monday, December 17, 2007

Tyranny’s Progress – Home Schooling

No king but Jesus!

I’ve warned before, “When the education enforcement officers knock on your door and say ‘we are here to take your children’, will you render unto Caesar?

Unfortunately, it is closer than we think. Pray this is an isolated incident that is brought to justice swiftly!

Mom threatened with jail for teaching kids at home: Judge gives Utah woman 1 day to finish enrollment (Unruh)

"Shortt says the case is reminiscent of what is happening in Germany, where a Nazi-era law makes home schooling illegal." (Pugh)

Need I remind everyone that it is an election season, and just how important it is?

“The value-free education offered by the government-run schools has all too often proven to be education without value. This is especially true now that Outcome Based Education has been used as an excuse to establish curricular elements that amount to the politically correct brainwashing of our children.

Government money is increasingly used to enforce a low quality, crass form of vocationalism in the School-to-Work scheme, while the same educrats debase traditional academics with such fads as Whole Language Learning and Fuzzy Math. Parents and local citizens often know better than their educrat masters, but find themselves unable to resist the power of an entrenched and costly monopoly. Education reform is thus a question of liberty and self-government.

I strongly favor school choice approaches that empower parents to take control of their children's education, in accordance with the parents' faith and values. We not only need prayer in schools, we need schools that are in the hands of people who pray. Above all, we must break the government monopoly on public education.” (Alan Keyes emphasis added)

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1 comment:

  1. Homeschoolers! beware of who you support for president!

    You may not know it, and many homeschoolers may not know it, but Huckabee has received the endorsement of the National Education Association's New Hampshire chapter for the Republican nomination. Hillary Rodham Clinton received the group's endorsement for the Democratic nomination.

    Huckabee sought the endorsement of the NEA affiliate. He was the only Republican candidate to court it in an address to the group.

    Here's what he said at that time: "I'm astonished there are not more Republican candidates here. Do they not think education is important? Or are they just afraid of the NEA? I don't know."

    In other words, Huckabee apparently equates education in America with the NEA. I don't know about you, but I find this kind of pandering for money and votes deeply disturbing.

    Despite its name, the National Education Association does not promote good education in America. That is a fundamental mischaracterization and error. The NEA is a destructive force to real education in America. The NEA is a powerful teachers' union, which, in moments of candor, will admit it is about securing higher pay and benefits for teachers, not improving their performance and certainly not watching out for the interests of children.

    It also maintains an extremist political agenda that should certainly scare away Republican candidates from seeking its endorsement.

    If it were up to the NEA, there would be no homeschooling allowed in America. The group has repeatedly proposed legislation banning it except when it is conducted by accredited teachers – in other words, NEA members.. .

    Here's my sincere and heartfelt advice to homeschoolers: Before you jump on Mike Huckabee's bandwagon, call on him to repudiate his support from the NEA. Call on him to get the federal government out of education, an institution for which there is no constitutional justification for its meddling. Call on him to challenge the NEA's radical agenda the next time he has an opportunity to address the group. Call on him to take the side of real education reform and freedom in America – not the side of the education hucksters and racketeers.

    Full article: Homeschoolers beware!