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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Government Schools (Updated!)

Communism light?

Good grief, just when I was thinking maybe I went overboard with my recent post "Government Schools Alternatives", I read an article by Phyllis Schlafly concerning educational elite, Marc Tucker's, attempt to communise public education into a "national public schools system"!

Down right scary if you ask me!

". . . Democratic Congress in 1994. School-to-Work became the code word to change the mission of the public schools FROM teaching children knowledge and skills TO training them to serve a national planned economy in jobs selected by workforce boards. Nothing in his plan had anything to do with teaching schoolchildren how to read.

The Tucker 1990s plan to restructure the public schools was based on specific mechanisms of control: (1) bypass all elected officials on school boards and in state legislatures by redirecting the funding; (2) build a database ("a labor market information system") into which school personnel would scan all information about every schoolchild and his family; and (3) use the slogan "high standards" to cement national control of tests and assessments.

"Tough Choices or Tough Times" is so deja vu. It will not make American students smarter; it will just make them cogs in the global economy
Marc Tucker Presents a Warmed-Over Plan to Eliminate Local School Boards, by Phyllis Schlafly, Read full article. . .

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Brave new world!

[Update 4/26/07]

This is good. I had to share this excerpt and highly recommend that all Christian parents read this article:
. . . kids in Christian homes do not have both feet firmly planted in a biblical worldview. Their feet are planted in quicksand! Sorry to point the finger moms and dads, but YOU have dropped the ball. YOU have become negligent in preparing your kids for a life of service to God. And it’s not the Church’s fault. YOU are to blame.

With virtually no protection, kids are thrown to the wolves in sheep’s clothing that are teaching in liberal government schools. Yet these same parents would never allow their precious little ones on roller blades or skateboards without a helmet and protective padding.

May I have your attention, please! Christian children are too gentle to live amongst the wolves. We’re no longer living in the 50s - and we can’t go back there either. In light of that sad fact, God’s kids must be armed and ready for battle!

Christian kids attending government schools are at the mercy of agenda-driven educators that are firmly established in classrooms all across America. As a result, youngster’s impressionable minds are regularly conditioned with virulent anti-Christian propaganda. Facts are hard to ignore. A 2005 survey established that 72 percent of college faculty admits that they’re liberal. [4] So we shouldn’t be surprised when we hear that two-thirds of “born again” Christians who enter college emerge committed liberals and leave the Church.
(Marsha West, Christian kids are too gentle to live amongst the wolves)

- Bookstore Resource: The Harsh Truth About Public Schools
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1 comment:

  1. Socialization: Homeschooling vs. Schools

    CBNnews, Michael F. Haverluck
    April 26, 2007

    It was Theodore Roosevelt who said, "To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society."

    What makes homeschool socialization such a hot topic?

    With approximately 4 million children currently being homeschooled in the U.S., along with a 15- to 20-percent yearly growth rate, many professional educators and school boards are concerned that this exodus will keep funds from entering the public education system.

    Many teachers also believe that successful home instruction by uncredentialed parents undermines their expertise and jeopardizes their jobs.

    There's no place like home

    Why is there such a dichotomy in the socialization experienced between homeschoolers and conventional students? It all has to do with the learning environment.

    The National Home Education Research Institute disclosed that the 36 to 54 hours that students spend in school-related weekly activities make peers and adults outside of the home the primary influences in children's lives - not the parents.

    Realizing the harm that this constant exposure can produce, especially if it's not countered by involved parenting, most homeschoolers are well aware of their children's need for close one-to-one contact throughout the education process.

    Jesus understood the importance of continual intimate contact with His students, as He ate, slept and fellowshipped with His disciples 24 hours a day. It is unlikely that Jesus would have entrusted their training to strangers.

    So how do these different settings affect children? Dr. Thomas Smedley believes that homeschoolers have superior socialization skills, and his research supports this claim. He conducted a study in which he administered the Vineyard Adaptive Behavior Scales test to identify mature and well-adapted behaviors in children. Home learners ranked in the 84th percentile, compared to publicly schooled students, who were drastically lower in the 23rd.

    Welcome to the real world

    Many school socialization advocates argue that homeschooling precludes children from experiencing real life.

    Instead of being locked behind school gates in what some would consider an artificial setting characterized by bells, forced silence and age-segregation, homeschoolers frequently extend their everyday classroom to fire departments, hospitals, museums, repair shops, city halls, national parks, churches and colleges, where real community interaction and contacts are made.

    Dismantling the stereotype that home learners spend their days isolated from society at kitchen tables with workbooks in hand, NHERI reports that they actually participate in approximately five different social activities outside the home on a regular basis.

    Furthermore, researcher Linda Montgomery found that 78 percent of high school home learners were employed with paying jobs, while a majority engaged in volunteering and community service.

    Research presented at the National Christian Home Educators Leadership Conference divulged that homeschool graduates far exceeded their public and private school counterparts in college by ranking the highest in 42 of 63 indicators of collegiate success. They were also ranked as being superior in four out of five achievement categories, including socialization, as they were assessed as being the most charismatic and influential.

    Biblical or worldly socialization?

    When most home educators and school administrators speak of successful socialization, are they referring to the same thing?

    Education researcher Dr. Michael Mitchell found that being popular, aggressively competitive, materialistically driven and self-confident are traits promoted in conventional schools.

    His study shows that these campus ideals are discouraged by Christian home educators in favor of building their children's character and dismantling selfish ambitions. Integrity, responsibility, respect for others, trust in God, biblical soundness and an amiable disposition topped the ideal social qualities they desired their youth to embody.

    Many Christians who homeschool believe that the greatest socialization their children can have is to be trained to emulate Jesus, who is a servant of man. Home educators examined by Mitchell strive to dismantle any selfish ambitions and self-aggrandizement seen in their children, as opposed to cultivating them.

    Getting ahead of one's peers is not consistent with Jesus' urging in Matthew 20:25b-28, which calls for Christians to seek a lowly and servile role to those around them. However, this does not mean that Christians are called to underachieve, as Colossians 3:23 exhorts readers to push for peak performance in every endeavor, but for the glory of God rather than for selfish ambition.

    Pride is also promoted in the public schools. It is often repackaged as self-esteem in programs such as "Here's Looking at You, 2000," in which education researcher Dr. Amy Binder reports that students are instructed to believe that they are "the most important person in the world."

    Many Christian home educators assert that the kind of pride being taught in the schools is discouraged throughout Scripture by Jesus and Paul, who preach against lifting oneself up or putting oneself first in favor of assuming a lowly position among others, as seen in Luke 14:10-11 and Romans 12:3.

    They often contend that traditional students are driven to achieve high marks in order to attain lucrative and prestigious jobs that can lead to lives of self-indulgence, while the Bible calls man not to be overcome by material concerns.

    Even though God enjoys prospering His children, He also warns us in 1 Timothy 6:10 that "the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs."

    Negative socialization

    The mass socialization conducted within schools has brought about a proliferation of delinquent behavior within this nation's youth, reports education researcher, Dr. Michael Slavinski. He notes that student bodies are increasingly riddled with violence, drugs, promiscuity, emotional disorders," crime, contempt for authority, desperate behavior, illiteracy and peer dependency - just to name a few.

    Today, parents are not as surprised to see reports of fifth-graders having sex in class; hear about school shootings; find drugs or condoms in backpacks; receive phone calls from the police and principals; or witness defiant, apathetic and unrecognizable tones in their children's voices.

    "Live and let learn," say many parents. Most home educators are fine with this, as long as their children's learning comes from mature, seasoned and embracing adults who have the children's best interests at heart - above political or economic agendas. They believe that such training shouldn't come from peers either, which amounts to the blind leading the blind.

    When the Direct Observation Form of the Child Behavior Checklist was administered by education researcher Dr. Larry Shyers to identify 97 problematic behaviors in two groups of children, traditionally schooled students exuded eight times as many antisocial traits than their homeschooled counterparts. This lies in direct contrast to claims by public school advocates that exposure to campus life leads to proper socialization.

    Light of the world

    Many Christian parents are concerned that homeschooling would not allow their children to fulfill the great commission of sharing the gospel with non-believers. They often site Matthew 5:14-16 about being the light of the world.

    Some Christian homeschool parents argue that even though young believers are to reach out to the lost, they are not called to immerse themselves daily in a hostile setting that constantly works to influence them in the ways of the world. They recognize that those with strong Christian upbringings are still vulnerable to the ungodly climate of the schools.

    In Proverbs 4:11-15, King Solomon realized the vulnerability of his son, proclaiming his responsibility to train him in godly teachings and keep him from stumbling over the vices of this world.

    Just as parents know that children are not prepared for war, many Christians believe that youth are not equipped to fend for themselves in the spiritual warfare taking place within schools.

    A nationwide survey conducted by The Barna Group shows that 80 percent of Christian families send their children to public schools where their faith is attacked. Based on the study's findings, it appears that their kids are the ones being "evangelized" by the religion of secular humanism. More than half of their Christian teens believe Jesus actually sinned and only nine percent hold to moral absolutes, while 83 percent of children from committed Christian families attending public schools adopt a Marxist-Socialist worldview, reports the group.

    Click anywhere in this message to read the full article.