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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

“Illinois Suburb’s Murder Rate Comparable to Iraq’s”

Media is soft spoken on our cities criminals while promoting liberal agenda.

Maybe if Main Stream Media were to spend more time reporting murder rates and criminal activities in our own cities we would have more moral clarity in fighting a war against terrorists that are out to destroy our way of life.

“The unsolved murders of Rolando Becerra and Brentell Faulkner on Sunday have taken Harvey's already high death rate to an unprecedented level. . . with just 30,000 residents, that translates to 208 murders per 100,000 residents. . . The equivalent figure for Iraq last year, according to Iraqi government figures, is 171 murders per 100,000 residents, although inside Baghdad the figure may be three times as high” (

That should help put things in perspective the next time one of the talking figure heads mentions the Iraqi death toll just before or after a piece critical of the war in Iraq (or supportive of a liberal abandonment agenda). Not to mention the fact that the Iraq death toll is still hundreds of thousands away from Sadam’s.

Do they need the gruesome headlines to keep profits up? Well then, “Killed this year were Andre Buchanan, who was thrown, bound and gagged, from a third-floor window; 77-year-old William Stringfellow, beaten to death at his Western Avenue home; and 20-year-old Lionel Gore, who was stabbed to death at his Turlington Avenue home.”

The lawlessness continues. We must pursue and punish criminals and demand a certain minimal requirement of civil behavior in order to keep our streets safe, and that includes media representation.

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