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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Christian Carnival

Welcome to this weeks Christian Carnival!

I am honored to be your host. Let's open with a prayer from Psalm 90:

Heavenly Father -

Before the mountains were born
or you brought forth the earth and the world,
from everlasting to everlasting you are God.

(v. 2)

I pray, Lord, that our musings here today would honor you and draw each of the writers and readers closer to you -

Teach us to number our days aright,
that we may gain a heart of wisdom.
(v. 12)

In Jesus Christ's name I pray - Amen.

Let's see what kind of conversations we come across at the water cooler!

Reflection, Spiritual Training, Teaching, and Discipline

Phil Steiger from Every Thought Captive offers The first in a series of posts and open discussion on the topic and need of Christian discipleship: Reflections on Discipleship.

Henry gives us a great lesson on Always praying in the Spirit at Participatory Bible Study Blog

Vynette from The Race is Run starts a series on The Hope of Israel.

At Every Thought Captive is a warning that Cults, heresy or Eastern philosophy are not necessarily the church's biggest concerns. Sometimes the greatest threat comes from within, all the more deceptive because it assumes the appearance of righteousness. Read The Pharisee Factor.

Continuing the series on Biblical Inerrancy, Hammertime lays out how those who do not believe the Bible is inerrant consider God's Word in "Alternate Views of Scripture".

Do you know how to count? So what's different about counting now that you're a Christian? This week at Light Along the Journey John thinks about what Paul told the Philippians about counting in the post Christian Counting.

Semicolon offers a discussion on Christianity Today's list of "50 Books That Have Shaped Evangelicals."

Vaughn at Vons Takes is in discussion on When is it right to be right?

Seeker submits Lessons Learned from Jet Li's FEARLESS at two or three . net.

Everyday Liturgy has a post by Thom reflecting on What Happens When There Is Heartbreak?

Some reflections on singling out newcomers in church at Parableman.

People view God in different ways, but Jan, at The View From Her, explains why it's important to understand what you believe.

Weekend Fisher at Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength offers some thoughts on the long, dark road we walk in times of trouble in Blessed Are Those Who Mourn.

Chris Alexion, of Welcome to the Fallout", details how Sophocles uses crisis in the play to reveal his characters' true natures in Crisis in "Antigone".

And how about some hymns performed by the Cardinal Wright Oratory Choir for some spiritual exercise by Ales Rarus.


Some green political issues offered by Donald Bosch from The Evangelical Ecologist.

Will pro-life voters, with the obvious and/or predicted meltdown of Congressional Republicans, still vote Republican? Read Elections and Abortion at Brain Cramps for God.

Family Issues

Great post by David at Lingamish on ways to become a better husband!

Current and Social Issues

At the Jack Yoest Blog you will find Charmaine Debates on the Foley Homosexual Behavior Against the Human Rights Council.

Barbara at Tidbits And Treasures ponders has it become easier for us to 'go to church' on the Internet, rather than getting up and out to a local body of believers to be edified? Are local churches becoming taboo?

David Fisher of Pilgrim Scribblings sends the following post: CONTEMPLATIVE CHRISTIANITY and ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN...Can they co-exist?

At Imago Dei, Amanda has a book review that every Christian should read. Under the Overpass.

Rey from the Bible Archive wants to know how much ethnic diversity is behind your pulpit.

A Lancaster County native explores the lessons of faith that can be gleaned from the Amish schoolhouse shooting in Not Just A Rush Hour Nuisance at Fidler On The Roof.

And Romans 15:4 Project looks at the ethical questions and moral societal convictions during School Violence.

Some background into the Islamic Just War from Mark Olson at Pseudo-Polymath.

Late Additions

When will the world end, who is the Antichrist and who will be the Beast? Chicken Soup for the Apocalypse from Allthings2all.

In Conclusion (Psalm 90)

I am humbled by the quality and sincerity of your posts this week. It's all for the glory of God!

Heavenly Father, I pray you are glorified by our efforts.

May your deeds be shown to your servants,
your splendor to their children.
May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us;
establish the work of our hands for us—
yes, establish the work of our hands.
(v. 16-17)

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    Thanks for doing this, especially for beginning with a prayer. Good job.